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I love TAR! And Phil!

Edited to Add - the first quarter of this episode seemed different to me. Like the music was different and Phil's line delivery was different and the whole thing seemed slower and almost ominous. Or am I just (as Mirna would say) delusional?

Do the Moms have bad luck or what? I'm glad they're still hanging in there, especially after the taxi mess up, since that was totally not their fault. I knew there was no way they were going to lose to the brothers, but it was still difficult to watch Linda dig and dig while everyone else found the thing and went on. I kept wanting her to dig under the big pile of dirt in the middle.

I was kind of sad to see that much bunching, though with the charter, even though it's expected.

Loved watching Charla run down the tunnel thing in the Great Pyramid, and goats and sheep! Hee! "That's the bad one!" I haven't laughed so hard in ages. My parents had a friend who had a ranch in north Texas and was the same way about animals. He kept the "bad cows" in a separate area from the "good cows."

I wish I spoke donkey.

Loved Chip and Kim in this segment. I grow to love them more every week. Their appreciation of what they're getting to do is awesome. And I'm really glad Kim did the roadblock and that she was aware that she really needed to do it, for herself as much as for the race. They are just so cool. Chip on the Nile was great!

The twins didn't offend me much this week. They were just kind of funny in their cluelessness.

No hug for Mirna! And while I'm back to Charla and Mirna, Mirna just needs to stay away from all livestock, forever. And get those weird ideas out of her head. Yes, Colin is a little weird but Napoleon complex???? Bwahahaha! Mirna, if anyone has a complex ...

No one knows what a scarab is? IIRC they were very popular jewelry items in the early 70s around here.

And finally, wow! Phil had to go to the dig site to Philiminate the brothers! I couldn't stand them, and I still don't like them. I do understand the knee pain, but I still don't like them, and I won't miss them. It was nice of the editors to make them look good in this last leg.

Still stunned by Phil having to leave the Pit Stop! Ack!

P.S. - Dear Spike TV: Running the Joe Schmo 2 finale at the same time as TAR is evil. Thank goodness for VCRs! Now I have to go watch the second hour of JS2.
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