Mlle Elizabeth (mlleelizabeth) wrote in tarchat,
Mlle Elizabeth

Wow! Chip and Kim were number 1! Chip sure showed those girls (and the pizza dudes!). I was so happy for them.

But awwww ..... Bob and Joyce! I was hoping so hard that this was a non-elimination leg. I really liked them. Too bad also that there was not a Fast Forward.

And is no one ever going to use a Yield? I wish someone would, just once at least, so we could see what that's all about.

Which flight you are on is playing a much bigger role this time around, it seems. The last two week's Philiminations have been due mostly to bad flight chosing.

I wish the clues were harder and they had to actually try to figure out what and where some of these places are. This feels like a watered down version of TAR in that respect.

I can't decide if I feel bad for the girls having to eat all that caviar or not. I like caviar. And they had bread and lemon and tea to choke it down with. I don't understand why Christie and Nicole didn't use the bread. *shrug* I think I kind of don't feel bad for them.

I have reached the point where I like the twins substantially better than Mirna and Charla. The twins seemed to actually behave themselves in this leg. Of course, there little interview in the cab where they talked about how it's all okay because they're racing, coming right after their dissing of Chip, was hysterically funny and majorly annoying, all at the same time. But I still hate Mirna more and want her out of my life now.
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