Our Lady of Perpetual Procrastination (tresca) wrote in tarchat,
Our Lady of Perpetual Procrastination

Week 3!

This was a very exciting leg of the race. I always try to remember to check how close the standings were from last episode by watching the departing times. But then I get distracted by shiny racing. Anyone remember the span between the teams? It seemed like it wasn't too far apart.

The airline chaos was very amusing to watch. I was sad that Military Dad/Daughter ended up making a fatal error costing them the race. It was pretty stupid to book seperate flights. The other teams were much smarter to book themselves *for sure* on the 10:30 flight and then put themselves on standby for the other flights. Especially if you can get yourself on the top of the list like Colin/Christie (I think that's her name right?). I thought Mirna and Charla's claim that they needed to get on the earlier flight because of a doctor was pretty lame. Oh yes, you're being followed around by a camera crew and are clearly on some sort of reality show, but you NEED to see a doctor. Whatever. They bug me so much. Mirna a million times more than Charla. It worked for them though, so I guess whatever works is the best way to go on TAR. Blah.

And on the subject of the airlines, don't the teams have to book tickets for their camera crews? I know they don't usually tell us that part during the race (ie having them buy 4 tickets, etc), but it seemed like with all the standbying going on it would be pretty hard to get everyone on the flight. And am I crazy or did they not have the usual pre-takeoff shots of the teams on the planes?

I found the chocolate task pretty amusing. They should have had a running counter telling us how many chcoclates each person had bitten in to! I felt really bad for the Pizza Bros. It really was just a game of chance. They didn't get on my good side, but I was almost rooting for them a little bit. Of course, I would rather have them lose than the Military D/D team. Ah well.

Chip and Kim lost a little of their shiny this week and Colin and Christie gained it from them. Don't know what it is about them, but they're growing on me. During the pilot Colin creeped me out a bit, but I think he's covering his hair up more or something and he looks less creepy. The bowling Moms I am totally in love with. The twins were so funny when they swam across the water to get to the Mat. And Mirna made me chuckle a bit when she was primping to meet Phil. But I'm getting tired of their hugging him every week!

Oh, and how cute did Phil look in the open? With hs cute cute jeans and brown shirt!
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