BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote in tarchat,

Quick question about last nights ep

Ok. So last night was the first night I was watching TAR with the spouse, and I somehow missed what happened with Military dad and daughter at the airport. She, what, booked herself on the earlier flight when there was only one seat? And then tried to book two more seats on the 10:30 flight but they only gave her one?

And why was she booking more than one flight for herself anyway? I didn't think they were allowed to do that.

Also, I thought Daughter booked Brandon and Nicoles flight on the 10:30 plane. So how did they then wind up on the 9:40 plane?

(Vows to never, ever again with TAR with another person in the room. Ever)
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Military Daughter booked herself on the earlier flight, booked her dad on the 10:30 flight and got standby status for each other on both (her on the later, him on the earlier). They then got royally screwed since they didn't get an extra seat on either and had to forgo both tickets to get seats on the MUCHO later 11:40 flight. Resulting in their loss of course.

Brandon and Nicole had tickets on the 10:30 but put themselves on standby on the 9:40 flight. They managed to get tickets (probably got one of the other teams' seats who had gotten on the 9:10).

it was very confusing because there was lots of standbying (and lots of lying by Mirna and Charla to get onto the earliest flight!)

It seemed even more confusing to me because I thought the teams had to also manage to get their camera crews onto the flight with them. Which would mean they needed 4 seats each. but I guess they don't show us that part...
Ahh! Ok, thank you!

Yeah, I definitely missed some stuff with all the standbying. So I guess you can buy tickets, but also book yourself on a standby and then switch? I thought the big thing was once you bought your tix they couldn't be returned. Or is that something different.

But ok, I get what happened now at least. Thank you!!
As far as I know, the way standby works is that you keep your tickets on the flight you bought, but you can put yourself on a list to standby for an earlier flight. So in essence, you're swapping your tickets for another set if you get on the other flight. So no double-buying.